About Angela


AngelHeadshot Angelaa Serna
Author, Professional Life Coach, Workshop Leader, Seminar Facilitator & Yoga Instructor

Inspiring people to live happier, healthier, and more successful lives through life coaching and workshops is my passion.  It is so amazing to be a part of a person’s life transformation as they uncover the mindset that limits success in their relationships, career, health and prosperity.  Using simple yet powerful techniques, I guide people toward a realization of their own power, inner wisdom and strengths.

The material that I teach has been life-changing for me. Since I first discovered Louise Hay’s work, and many other Hay House authors, I have seen miracles unfold all around me.  One of the biggest miracles in my life is what I call my miracle baby “Javier”. He is an amazing six year old who embraces positive affirmations every morning before he starts his day. We have a lot of fun with this as the power of conscious parenting has been so incredibly rewarding. 

I have Co-Authored the book “AWAKEN”.   A book to inspire you to live life to the fullest and to awaken your own inner power.  This book can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble website.


I am a Kripalu certified yoga instructor.  Yoga is one of my true passions.  I enjoy bringing all of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that yoga offers my students.

If you are ready to explore how to take back your power to create the changes you want in your life, please browse the Workshops to see what is best for you.