An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. Use these daily affirmations and create joyful, abundant life experiences with every word and thought.

I am a Radiant Being, Enjoying life to the Fullest !!

Today no Person, Place or Thing, Can irritate or annoy me.  I  Choose to Be at Peace !!

I see the world through eyes of Love and Acceptance!! All is Well in My World.

My Consciousness is filled with Healthy, Positive, Loving Thoughts that Reflect Themselves in my Experience!!!

My Life gets more Fabulous every day. I look forward to what each new hour brings!

I am Wonderful, And I feel Great! I am Grateful for my Life!!!

I move through Life and Know That I am Safe – Divinely Protected and Guided!!!

I am in the Process of making Positive Changes In all Areas of my Life!

I close my eyes, Think Positive thoughts And Breath Goodness in and out!

No Matter where I am, there is only Infinite Good, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Harmony and
Infinite Love!!! Life is very simple.  What I Give out comes back to me. Today I choose to Give Love!!

As I change my Thoughts, The world around me changes!

I can not change another person, I let others be who they are, and I simply Love who I am!!

All of the changes that lie before me are Positive ones.  I Am Safe!!!

Today is a Delightful Day. Abundance comes to me in Expected and Unexpected Ways!!

I AM A Magnet for Abundance, Prosperity, Health & Well-Being!!

The Law of Attraction brings, Only good into my Life!!

I now do work I Love, and I am well paid for it!!!!!

I have Unlimited Choices, Opportunities are Everywhere!!!

I Live in a Loving, Abundant, Harmonious Universe, and I am Grateful!!!!!!

I am now willing to be open to the Unlimited Prosperity that Exists Everywhere!!!!!!!

I Support others in becoming Prosperous, and in turn, Life Supports me in Wondrous Ways!!



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