Affirmations for Relationships

Affirmations for Relationships


I Choose to see Clearly with the Eyes of Love, I Love What I See

LOVE Happens, I Release the Desperate Need for Love, and instead, Allow it to find me in the Perfect Time-Space Sequence.

Love is Everywhere and Joy fills my Entire World

I Love and Accept Myself,  just as I am. 

I am Love, I am Loved, I am Loving, and I am Lovable

I am surrounded by Love, All is Well

My Heart is Open, I speak with Loving Words

Deep at the Center of my Being is an Infinite Well of Love

I am in a Joyous, Intimate Relationship with a Person who Truly Loves Me.

I attract only Healthy Relationships into my Life

I come from the Loving space of my Heart, and I know that Love opens all Doors.


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