Affirmations for Success

Affirmations for Success

I Radiate Success and I Prosper Wherever I turn.

I love what I do and I am Well Compensated for it

Opportunities are Everywhere, I have a Multitude of Choices

My talents are in Demand and My Unique Gifts are Appreciated by those around me

My Job allows me to Express My Talents & Abilities and I am Grateful for my Employment

I have Unlimited Potential, only Good Lies Before Me

My Workplace is a Pleasure to be in, there is Mutual Respect among my Co-Workers and we Celebrate each others Successes

I Communicate Effectively at Work and I am Well Respected

Ideas Come to me Easily and Effortlessly

I am Successful in Everything I do

I love Life & Life Supports Me in all that I do

I Support my Co-workers and I receive Support in reture

My Income is Constantly Increasing & I Prosper Wherever I turn.

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