One-on-one coaching is designed for those people who want to work on a deeper level, focusing on the individual needs.

Together, we will find the blocks that are keeping you from creating the changes you desire.  The coaching is tailored to meet your personal goals and intentions.  I will help you move through your fears, overcome obstacles, and face the challenges that life sometimes hands us.  I will help you create the changes that you want to make in your relationships, health, financial well-being, business success, and spiritual growth.   I will give you the tools to CREATE A NEW YOU!

Why work with a coach?
I will be your champion and supporter, walking along this journey with you.  Many people are surprised at how they are able to achieve their goals faster working with a coach.

Email or call to schedule an appointment  or 513-218-1177.


When I joined the Change Your Thinking, Lose Your Weight Course, I was very motivated. Every couple years I get a renewed vigor to lose weight and take my life back. I thought it would be easy, a perfect combination of the author I love and a group of people with the same goal. So we began. And so did my resistance. The condemnation I had for the girl in the mirror came up immediately and I began throwing grown-up tantrums, actually, two weeks worth of them. I ate because of my anger at these new, exposed feelings that nothing else could stuff down. I complained constantly and was tired of hearing myself. That’s when Angela ramped up her loving support by pointing out that I was being way too serious. “Try jumping around with a big smile on your face in front of the mirror,’” she suggested. But I was taught as a child that accomplishment happened through a serious attitude and determination. Finally, in a fit of desperation, I tried her way. As self-love broke through and I began to recognize it, it felt wrong and somewhat dirty. I felt love and felt unworthy of that love at the same time. But it was something new and I figured that was a good thing, so I went with it. What I learned is that we really are the prodigal son, always accepted back- love with no strings attached. As I released the need to feel bad, I regained trust. Then I had an inspirational moment when the meaning of “What you resist, persists” fully dawned on me. If I resisted the body I have now, I would have no power to change it. So I loved it, plain and simple, no resistance. To date I’ve lost 53 pounds with only 30 more to go to reach my ideal weight. And I didn’t do it through brutal force. I did it through love. For this experience I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Angela, for organizing and leading these workshops.