EMPOWER Yourself in the workplace with the

  Power of Positive Thinking & Stress Management in the workplace! 

I spent 17 years in the corporate arena where I exceeded budgeted numbers, mastered marketing plans, increased profits, and increased productivity with my employees.   I worked very hard and very long hours and achieved my bonuses.  I also learned along the way that by using Positive Thinking and Stress Management techniques I could achieve the same results without working as hard, being stressed out and working the long hours. You too can increase productivity with your employees, and exceed customer expectations just by making small changes in your everyday routine.

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day.  Recognizing the negative thoughts, we can create more positive ones by using affirmations.  Employees can turn stressful and negative situations in the workplace into POSITIVE ones, creating a pleasant work environment!  When you have happy employees you have more productive employees!

Workshops can include any of the following:

  • Power of positive thinking
  • What stress really is and how it affects our productivity and the work environment
  • De-stressing techniques
  • Recognizing negative thoughts, patterns, and habits in the workplace and transforming them by changing our own behaviors
  • Building self-confidence in the workplace through positive affirmations and appreciations