• Would you like to eliminate “Time Out” and still get the behavior that you want?
  • Have you tried to correct your child’s behavior only to have them repeat it again and again?
  • Would you like to enjoy your interactions with your child on a regular basis?
  • Would you like to learn skills that will create positive change in your children and impact the rest of their lives?


Learn simple yet POWERFUL techniques to better communicate with your kids 

and get the desired behavior that every parent wants.


The purpose of this workshop is to raise parenting awareness.  Our lives get busy and stressful at times and because of this we could all use some tools to make parenting much easier. With little effort we can create small powerful changes that will make a huge difference in your child’s life.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to have better communication with your child
  • Never have to use time out again
  • Learn simple techniques to get better positive results all day long
  • Get to the cause of the behavior to prevent it from ever happening again

Just imagine….

  • a world in which the “Terrible Twos” do not exist
  • where teenagers don’t rebel
  • where families support and honor each other and peace prevails effortlessly

This kind of world is possible and it starts with understanding your child’s true nature.

What We Do Today Creates our Tomorrows! 

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