I want to Thank You from the deep wells of my heart for your teachings, had I not had your wealth of information, I know I would not be where I am today. Remembering your words…. find Peace in the midst of chaos. I admire you so much for your gift to the world. I took my workshop materials out yesterday to revisit the pure wisdom it contains. As I heal I hope to be in touch. I adore you and you will never ever know what your teachings did for me… I count you as a pure blessing. When I followed your teachings and quit my negative behavior…. everything fell into my lap. Your workshops really do heal. All my loveTeressa Wagers

Certified Holistic Practitioner

Energy Medicine/ Iridology/ Kinesiology

Jeffersonville, Indiana

 “As I reflect on the workshops and study group I feel so blessed! I don’t even know how to put into words the peace I now feel! All is truly well in my world. As I carry on through my life I feel I have this special gift inside of me to help my journey. The workshops opened the door to so much insight and understanding. Now my challenge is to share with others the peace and joy available to all of us. This “being” thing will take great patience and love but is oh so powerful!! Thank you”~ MaryBeth

“This workshop saved my marriage. My husband was suffering from several chronic illnesses and was in a very negative space. I was thinking we may be heading towards divorce. He attended the Heal Your Life workshop and the transformation was amazing. He was a positive, happy person again and I loved being with him again. Tim has since passed from cancer but he remained positive and grateful for all he had, up until the day he passed. Based upon Tim’s shift, I too took the workshop and am seeing positive changes, which I need as I transition into new stages of my life.” ~Gina, Mason, OH  

“Hi Angela,
I wish to thank you so much for the powerful workshop. I am still working on digesting many of the pieces and incorporating them into my real life.   Just writing down my feelings and acknowledgingthem, gave me permission to let go of my negative patterns and forgive. The experimental expressions of anger, guilt, and fear was a true catharsis for me.  Recognizing the roles that family plays gave me great insight into my behavior. I am still practicing my mirror work-
feeling silly but getting more comfortable with it.  My favorite affirmation  I deserve to be happy! I am a work in progress.  Love and light”
~Eva,  Cincinnati, OH

 “I’ve seen Angela help people make huge emotional leaps and progress in just one afternoon. I can only imagine the life long benefit from a six week course with her.” ~Amy, Attorney Dayton, OH

“There is genuineness and gentleness about Angela that tells you that she lives the wisdom she shares. Her down-to-earth loving and light-hearted sessions include life experiences you can relate too.  You leave knowing and feeling that you can create a loving, joyful life for yourself.” ~Maryann, Galloway, NJ

“Angela has wonderful soothing presentation skills with particular focus on meditations that allow deep awareness.  Great thought has been put into all aspects of her work.” ~Truus, London, Ontario, Canada

“Whether your life is going well or not so well, this workshop will open the door for you to see who you are, what really matters, and to make healthier choices about how you want to live your life. Angela will, gently with heart, guide you through the process.” ~Emme, FL

“Thanks Angela, for a GREAT Workshop!  I learned a lot and I know this will change my life!!” ~ Karen Cincinnati, OH

“You were talking today about sending gratitude every day for everything that happens in our lives. Well today I am grateful for participating in your workshop. I had a great time, I met some wonderful people and most importantly I learned a lot about myself.  Thank you again. I will definitely recommend this workshop to all my ‘yoga-friends’.” ~Marta, KY

“Went to a wonderful Prosperity Workshop held by Angela Serna fellow Heal Your Life Instructor. Angela offered such a warm, caring environment. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Met a group of interesting fun ladies! Thanks Angela Serna”~ Adrienne