Change Your Thinking, Lose the Weight!

If you have been struggling with attaining or maintaining the permanent weight that you want, this course will guide you in the mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual skills you need to attain your goal: Creating a New You! 

This is not a diet plan.  This is a lifesyle change.  This unique weight loss program teaches the skills needed for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.  This is accomplished by breaking old habits, changing patterns and learning to love oneself.

The mind is a powerful thing. Your every thought affects your health and weight loss success. This is changing our minds about who we really are, releasing and healing the emotion behind why we make the food choices that we make. Be as mindful of your thoughts as you are of your nutrition. See yourself as though you have already succeeded. Watch yourself become healthier and happier.

In this POWERFUL, CONSCIOUS approach to weight loss, you will learn:    

  •  The first step you must take for success is laying the foundation
  • Vital questions to ask when assessing your eating habits
  •  How to make small changes that create BIG results over time
  •  Mental skills for success with weight loss
  • Visualizations for helping you achieve and maintain your goals
  •  Emotional and spiritual skills needed for achieving the healthy body you want
  •  How to create a unique plan to fit your lifestyle

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 The cost of this 6 week class is $149.  To register for the class, please click on the Buy Now button


Angela Serna
Licensed & Certified Life Coach
Licensed & Certified Workshop Leader